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Welcome to darcypatko dot com! I am a 3D Character Artist based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. If you are looking for help in your current project, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please make sure to enable full-screen mode when viewing the video so that you may bask in all of its full HD glory.

Above you can find my latest creation, an Orc Soldier. How original, I know. Well let me explain. Having only ever worked on Wii games in my career as a character artist, I figured it might be a good idea to work on some “next-gen” (aka current-gen) techniques to bolster my eligibility as somebody that you may consider for employment. This character was derived from a ZBrush training DVD that I followed and, as such, it is more of a demonstration of my technical abilities as opposed to my creative talents. Though I did follow a tutorial, I built him from the ground up and even changed the aesthetics of the character to make it my own. In addition, I took him a step further than my do-it-yourself guide brought me, and processed my high-resolution sculpture into a game-friendly model.

What you are viewing is a fully rigged character of about 11,000 triangles, all rendered in real-time within 3DS Max 2010 using a fancy shader that I found, similar to what you might see in-game. In terms of lighting/rendering I am utilizing a classic three-point lighting rig in addition to self-cast shadows, ambient occlusion and a cube map for subtle ambient lighting. Texture-wise I am using three 2048 textures for my diffuse, specular and normal maps.

Be sure to check out the various pages of my website for greater insight into my work background, artwork and other things that you might wanna know about me. Come back every so often as I plan on rapidly developing characters to showcase on my website. Enjoy your stay at the Chateau Patko. Bon appetit.

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